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	Gamma Software, Inc. has been providing applicaton software and support for 
	IBM midrange servers since 1981. GSI currently supports Power i, iSeries and AS/400 
	servers using IBM i operating system and DB2 database. We sell and support a 
	complete line of software including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable,	
	Bank Reconciliation, Billing, General Ledger, Payroll, Human Resource,
	Customer Information (CRM), Inventory, Purchasing, Log Accounting and
	Maintenance Scheduling. 
	If you are looking for a replacement for DMAS accounting, look no further. 
	Our feature-rich software along with our experience with DMAS replacement
	will take the worry out of your DMAS conversion. Our DMAS replacement
	includes conversion programs allowing you to port your DMAS history to our 
	software eliminating the need to retain the old DMAS programs and data just
	to do historical lookups. Built in interface points from and to all modules
	allow easy interface to any custom software that you wish to retain. 
	Contact us today to see how easy a DMAS replacement can be.
	Our install base covers a wide array of businesses representing many
	different industries, and the support we provide after the sale is second to none.
	Just ask our customers! Our software is feature rich, easy to install, easy to
	learn and easy to use. Explore the products we offer and then contact us to see 
	how our software can make your job easier and make you more productive.
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